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How to start moving your business forward today

Module 05

Sustaining growth in the long run

We’ve looked at how to go about expanding your business and growing revenues, but beyond that, you’d like your business to keep growing at a sustainable rate for years to come. Setting yourself up for a sustainable future requires staff that understand your vision and care about making it a reality and a strong leadership team to oversee the day-to-day operations and let you concentrate on new opportunities.

In this module we’ll speak to Sager & Wilde’s founder to find out how those things have been key to getting his business through the tricky first few years and on track for a prosperous future, plus drinks entrepreneur Jim Cregan shares his wisdom learned from six years of running a startup that competes against the multinationals.

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Case Study

Meet the founder of Sager & Wilde

"I've been busy for the last two years delegating what I do not want to do, what I'm not good at, and what I shouldn't be doing."

Michael Sager, Sager & Wilde

Getting a business through the first few years is a tough journey. On average, 40% of new businesses won’t make it to five years*, so getting to that point is an achievement in itself. For Michael Sager, the journey from opening his first wine bar, Sager & Wilde, in Shoreditch in 2012 to today has been a turbulent one. But thanks to a quality team, staying true to his founding values, and sheer grit, Sager & Wilde is now on a steady course towards a prosperous future.

Michael’s vision for Sager & Wilde was simple: bring customers the finest quality wine – and subsequently food, when he opened a restaurant in 2014 – at an affordable price with fantastic service.

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Sager & Wilde at a glance:

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Episode #5

Sustaining growth in the long run with Jim Cregan

Jim Cregan is the founder of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, which he launched in 2012 after not being able to find a good iced coffee brand on the go. Since then, the company has gone on to be stocked in major supermarkets Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, as well as Whole Foods, Selfridges and BP. Here, he talks about his plan vs the reality as he was growing his business, and how his role today differs from his role in the first year.

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Sustaining the growth state of mind

Just as starting the growth journey required getting in the right mindset, maintaining that growth needs a long-term vision and clearly articulated values to help keep you on track and guide you towards your future. A business growing continuously and sustainably is more likely to withstand the ups and downs that life throws at you.

But you are not going to get there if your time is spent reacting to problems and micro-managing; on-going growth requires a management team that you can trust and delegate to.

Define your values and stay true to them

Michael learnt the hard way the damage that veering away from your brand’s values can have on the business. Write them down early on and keep them clear when you’re making major decisions.

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Get set for sustaining growth for the long term

Follow the six steps in this simple guide and you will have:

  • A clear set of brand values that your team are on board with
  • An understanding of what motivates your staff to give their best to your business
  • Systems and processes you can manage at scale
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