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How to start moving your business forward today

Module 03

Building profile and customer loyalty

Growing a business requires a steady flow of new customers as well as a solid stable of loyal existing clients that return to you time and again. But getting your business in front of new people and persuading them to part with their hard earned cash with you is an important challenge to master if your growth strategy is to be successful.

In this module we talk to the founders of design-focussed boutique gym Blok London about building a profile for their brand and turning first-time visitors into loyal customers.

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Case Study

Meet the co-founders of Blok

"Our natural base of customers is from a very creative workforce. They gravitate towards Blok because there’s a lot of attention to detail with the design."

Max Oppenheim, Blok London

Blok London was never meant to be a gym. When Ed Stanbury came across the disused Victoria tram depot, in 2015, he was looking for space for his construction business. The site, he decided, was too big and beautiful to be used as office and storage space for a construction company, so he approached his friend Max Oppenheim, a freelance fashion photographer, to discuss launching a photography studio.

"That was originally the plan for the business,” says Ed. “While we were doing that, we were doing boxing and yoga classes ourselves, and it occurred to us that maybe there was something more interesting to be done here."

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Blok in brief:

02. Listen

Episode #3

Building profile with Nikki Cochrane

Nikki Cochrane is the founder of Digital Mums, training women with children in digital marketing skills to give them the opportunity to have a flexible and rewarding career, as well as offering social media marketing services to businesses.

03. Read

Marketing for growth: Building your profile and fostering loyalty

There comes a point in every business’s journey when you need to think about increasing the awareness of your brand and bringing in new customers. On the other hand, research has consistently shown that it’s cheaper for businesses to get existing customers to return or spend more money than it is to attract new customers. Focusing on the people that already buy from you is a more efficient and sustainable way to increase revenues, and will keep your business resilient in the long run.

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Get set for building your profile today

Follow the seven steps in this simple guide and you will have:

  • Identified the customers you want to target
  • Developed a clear idea what your customers like about you
  • Worked out what to spend your marketing budget on
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